Travelling With Children

We travel with our children fairly often and have since they were infants. When I made this graphic our kids were 9 and 6. Travelling with them has progressively gotten easier but still has it’s challenging moments.

For this graphic, my 9 yr old daughter and I logged our actions and emotions every 15 minutes for an entire day of traveling from Louisville, CO to Springfield, MA. We logged from the time we were leaving until the time we arrived. That meant stopping in the middle of security to whip out my notebook and ask her how she was feeling. It meant logging my emotions during the inevitable fight over the iPad. But it also meant logging our emotions over a well deserved Dunkin Donut.

In good Feltron style, I also collected other information about our day- number of people we talked with, number of miles travelled, etc.

Overall it was a good day but our opposing emotional fluctuations are clear throughout.