Lotz Ghetto Exhibit Prototype

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum commissioned my cohort in during my Info Viz program to create prototype designs for an exhibit focused on the Lotz Ghetto. The Lotz Ghetto was one of the first ghettos to be established by the Nazis and contained an enormous population, which was almost entirely wiped out by the end of the war. Detailed records of the people who lived in the Ghetto have been found and it was from this database that we were tasked with creating compelling exhibit prototypes. The project was designed as an "intensive"- we were given the database in advance but only given 2 days on site in the museum to come up with the prototype.

Our concept was an interactive exhibit that would create an emotional experience by illustrating how people were removed from the ghetto. Often, entire families were not removed but, instead, individual members- the old, sick or even the children- leaving gaping holes where they once were. This video contains text explanation of the history of the ghetto as well as illustrations. The people in the video were drawn as a child would draw them in order to invoke the terror a child might feel as people are removed from their family.